CTB Lab 01 Aveiro

Pimp the Void

Developing a small public space in the residential area of Aveiro in collaboration with the architecture and art collective Colectivo Warehouse.

In collaboration with the architecture and art collective Colectivo Warehouse, CTB Team has been further developing a small public space in the residential area of Aveiro, not far from the historic city-centre and the main University Campus. Based on the original tool and project Micro-scale Urban Regeneration (VivaCidade), intervention included spatial and programmatic update of the existing community-driven public space, with the particular focus on the process of collectively built urban furniture. This does not only include design and crafting but after all introduction of new functions and social groups that appeared since the first renovation. For that reason this ‘spatial update’ included a bar-like structure for small neighborhood gatherings, refurbished seating for the local youth and more options for urban leisure such as deckchairs. Since this place was originally a tavern, the new spatial arrangement gave locals a sense of revival of the once important corner and social hotspot.

As a direct neighbor across the street, local cultural space also joined the discussion on how this Void can become a sort of extension of their charmy inner courtyard, which is rarely accessible to the general public. In our conversations the questions of ‘ownership’, maintenance and care became more important than refurbishment of existing and design of the new parts. The whole discussion clearly showed that so-called ‘urban interventions’ rarely consider liability issues and shared responsibility of all actors involved. In that sense, our CTB-Lab was also an experiment and pedagogical tool which opens-up new channels of communication between active citizens and local authorities.

In terms of methodology, instead of applying a particular CTB-tool we decided to use a set of tools or just their components. This almost a week long workshop had elements of 'Mi.ZA' Makes Coffee, Dine with the locals, Habitabis Festival and Urban Hackaton. Last but not the least, first CTB Lab established a set of rules and procedures when it comes to preparing, scheduling and executing the project in the conditions of limited resources.

Team: Colectivo Warehouse and CTB Network
Partners: Plataforma para a inovação social, Departamento de Ciências Sociais, Políticas e do Território – UA Universidade de Aveiro, GrETUA, Casa Martelo, Casa de São Sebastião, VivaCidade Aveiro

(All photos Segio Pereira)