Dine with the locals!

Format Action

City Athens, Greece

Varvakeios Square – Dine with the locals is a unique way for neighbours to meet, spend time together and discuss over a full table about ideas on their shared space: the neighbourhood!

A square or a central urban spot in each neighborhood that it is deprived can be transformed into a location of community bonding. Focusing on the centrality that food has in our lives, urban dinners can bring together different people and actively involve the commercial community in collecting materials and the preparation of dinner. Facing social and financial crisis, the implementation of events that can redefine relationships within the neighborhood through food ritual (fasting and feasting) will help inhabitants rediscover their connection with spatial and cultural values.

Location Perfect spot wanted!

Find your perfect urban spot and re-use it creatively: spaces that are underused or places that people just pass-by.

People Power Motivation, it’s what we’ve got!

Form a group of 5-10 committed citizens. Interdisciplinarity is probably a key-feature as the event requires skills for organizing, communicating, engaging, cleaning, and cooking of course!

Official / Legal Don't miss the details!

For the implementation of the event, make sure you have the proper permission and official documentation for the use of the space (exact date and time) by its owner or/and Municipal Authorities. Assure the owner(s) of the space that the spot will be properly cleaned and cared after the implementation of the event.

Mobilization Urban Recipe List

Meet key stakeholders that can provide you with all necessary equipment, such as open-air kitchen equipment, pots, plates, forks etc. Also, find possible materials that can be used to create urban furniture (DIY table, chairs, benches) or borrow some from a generous neighborhood! Visit local stores, markets, restaurants which will be willing to contribute to the event with raw food materials, already-cooked food or a skilled cook!

Funding It’s a joint effort!

The concept of the event is to bring local people together and enhance neighborhood bonding through food. In this context, everyone is invited to participate and contribute with food, drinking. Possible local funding by payment in kind is more than accepted.

Communication Spread the word

Every possible communication action can be done by the organizing team to engage and activate local community. Keep it simple and don't forget that it is a community-neighborhood event, However, you can be creative by personal printed invitation (door-to-door information), posters, banners, balloons, social media etc.