Estate Collage

Format Alternative Pedagogy Workshops

City Lublin, Poland

Lublin,LSM mass-housing estates – Local kids (in our case in the age of 8 -15) have learnt how to use press archives and video archives, looking for information about intentions of the designers of their estates, everyday life of the time of their grandparents and parents, recorded spoken stories of older residents, remembering the beginnings of the settlement. They have reviewed perspectives of marginalised groups of inhabitants and understood their difficulties in using of estate infrastructure. During creative workshop they have expressed their own sollutions. At the end the have learnt the basics of sound processing and film editing, to create a new multimedia form together, Estate Collage.

The estate designers (Zofia and Oskar Hansen) had a certain vision of the inhabitants for whom the infrastructure was created. Their resident was supposed to be a person who wants to co-create the atmosphere of the nearest neighborhood, use common areas, has the needs of integration, creative leisure time and rest in a green environment, wants to share responsibilities on deccission making processes of the estates. By realisation of Collage Estate we have checked how these assumptions can be implemented by youngest generation of inhabitants. The estate is a subject of many media narratives, conducted by intellectuals and artists. We are most interested in the narratives of the inhabitants and as part of the activities we intend to strengthen the various perspectives of its users, restore the founding myth. Remind that creating together is a situation that gives a lot of positive energy.

Mobilization Settle the work-frame between your organization and the local institutions

Where we have conducted 6 short workshops with kids attending on "art" classes to the local Youths House for Culture and the major Library, operating districtal branches and multimedia archives. Thanks to this we had reach audiences from different generations

People Power Series of workshops embracing many points of view on the estates

We have conducted series of workshops revealing utopian and egalitarian assumptions of the designers of estates as well as diverse people's perspectives, with a special focus on those with certain difficulties and less represented. As a result of workshop we have created postcards with alternative design sollutions for the common spaces between the buildings.

Production Series of workshop on production

We have conducted series of workshops on sound recording, sound editing, image aninimation and film editing. On the horizontal level we have planned the timeline of our narratives and particular parts and divided working subgroups to work on micro-productions that together had made entire story of an Estate Collage

LSM estates continouesly provoke discussions between architects and art historians. Some of them seem to forget that the housing estate is not just an architecture or an urban plan. The dozen of interesting forms of blocks are inhabited by several thousand (of not any no less interesting!) people. In our opinion, residents are the true practitioners of the Open Form theory in housing, and our task is to strengthen their perspectives.

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