FAROFA – public space activator

Format Action

City São Paulo, Brazil

public spaces – FAROFA is a Neighbourhood Activator. To make a FAROFA is simple: you need 6 big yellow pillows (ideally bigger than 1x1m), friends and good vibes :-) Music is also welcome. You can write FAROFA on the pillows (a letter in each pillow). The idea is to make a comfortable spot in public spaces with the pillows, invite people from the neighbourhood and friends, bring everything that makes you happy – music, family, food, friends, pets, plays... and spend some quality time together. FAROFA celebrates the public space as a meeting place, making possible to different people to interact and exchange.

Frequently there are many underused public spaces in cities. They could be lively and welcoming, but they are often empty. Transform these spaces into meeting points is not so difficult. The answer? FAROFA! Six big yellow pillows work as a catalyser of people, bringing them together and fostering the exchange of ideas. Activate a space with FAROFA is fun, strengthen the belonging sense of the community in which it is inserted and map who is interested in bring the neighbourhood together to placemake. That has already been done in São Paulo, Madrid, Berlin and Ciudad de Mexico.

Location SPACE

choose a street, square or park that you know that you think could be used more by people.

Things you need CONFORT

bring the giant cushions that spell out F•A•R•O•F•A to the space. The cushions invite people to make use of the space and to interact with each other.

Communication INVITATION

invite passers-by, friends, family, and everyone you know to "farofar"! online and offline :-)


Take what makes you happy for FAROFA: music, food, friends, chairs, umbrellas, toys... Once comfortable and happy, it is time to meet new people, talk about life and the neighborhood, and most of all, enjoy the public space!