Format Action

City São Paulo, Brazil

Underused public areas, Sao Paulo – Farofa is a neighbourhood activator tool that celebrates public space as a meeting place. Organizing Farofa is simple: one just needs some large pillows, people and a positive attitude. The idea is to create a comfortable spot anywhere in public space, to then invite people from the neighbourhood to spend some quality time together. By bringing anything that could make the participants happy - music, family, food, friends, pets, games, and so on. Farofa generates the opportunity for different people to meet, interact and exchange.

Cities often contain underused areas in public space. Even though they have the potential to be lively and welcoming, they are somehow empty. However, transforming these spaces into meeting points is not as difficult as it might seem. Farofa works as a catalyser for people to come together and foster the exchange of ideas. It activates the space, strengthens the sense of belonging of the the local community, and brings together engaged citizens in the neighbourhood in practices of place-making. This tool has already been implemented in São Paulo, Madrid, Berlin and Mexico City.

Location Space in need of using

Choose a street, square or park that is underused by local inhabitants.

Things you need Comfort

Bring six large pillows spelling F A R O F A to the location. The pillows invite people to make use of the space and to interact with each other.

Communication INVITATION

Invite passers-by, friends, family, and everyone you know to Farofa. Make use of online and offline strategies to distribute your invitation.


Take what makes you happy for Farofa: music, food, friends, chairs, umbrellas, toys, games... Once comfortable and happy, it is time to meet new people, talk about life and the neighbourhood, and most of all, enjoy the public space!