Festival For Selfbuild Music

Format Festival Installation Workshops

City Berlin, Germany

ZK/U - Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik – The festival sees itself as a platform and networking place for musicians, artists and inventors. In addition to numerous concerts, talks, performances and an exhibition, the festival is also a large playground for children and adults with numerous craft stands to build their own instruments.

We all come from a musical corner where we have always experimented a lot with sounds and built ourselves the instruments we did not have. On this basis, the festival, or the whole network of "self-built music" emerged. This is not just an event-wise offer, but also a kind of research project, where we with children, artists and all visitors want to explore the possibilities of DIY and music.

Mobilization Finding Artists !

Many people doing art, many people doing music but how to find people doing their own instruments ? This is heavy but possible: there is a huge hidden scene but to find and get in contact with this really shy species needs a lot of time - but it's worth it.

Communication Get in contact and planning the program

The first step is finding artists, then comes the hard part: visiting them, getting to know and also understand the artists and their instruments. Often there are stories to tell and interesting ideas behind doing something so rare. In addition we try to make the most diverse program and to find a good balance between workshops for children and adults, concerts and performance.

People Power Building Build Building

Of course, at a festival for selfbuild music, we are also building everything ourselves: giant instruments, installations for children, funny stages or exciting exhibitions. The festival should have a self-made character and therefore we invest a lot of time.

Production A good team is gold!

The production of the festival is usually very stressful, a thousand little things are to be done but with a good team and many helping hands its possible to manage. The tasks are then clearly distributed in the team: Who cares about the bands, the exhibition, the contracts or the entry, but everyone helps everyone and everyone has the same goal, in the end all the hard work has been worthwhile.