La Manivelle - Sharing Library of Things

Format Neighbourhood Platform

City Geneva, Switzerland

2019 – La Manivelle is a sharing library of things! Instead of borrowing books you can borrow anything that gets donated to it.
By doing so, you reduce your ecological footprint by decreasing consumption, natural ressource extraction and waste production, but you also create better, safer and more supportive communities.

We ALL have stuff we bought and that we use only a few times a year - it's a real problem of use efficiency! Why extract and use all the energy needed to create these things and ship them to your place, if you don't use them?
This project tries to help:
Tool and object libraries are great projects to: 1) bring communities together 2) create solidarity and empower people 3) reduce the consumption of resources.

Communication Make it a community project!

Don't do it alone!
Reach out to all your friends and family first. You can also make a survey of interest to be sure you'll have the support when you start the project and build your team.
Think of all the other networks of organisations that share your values and might be interested in helping you! You might find opportunities for collaboration or support from ecologist groups, neighbourhood organisations, housing cooperatives, zero waste groups, and many others.

Location Make yourself a home

This is the biggest step!
To build your library you will have to find a space to store everything.
There are several ways to do it: an empty garage, shipping containers, empty houses, community houses, asking the local government for an empty space...
Be creative and resourceful finding a place to physically locate your library!

Funding Let's get started!

Don't forget you'll need some money to run this amazing community project.
You can ask for membership fees before using and borrowing the items.
You can have the support of local businesses, governments or other grants.
You can also create a crowdfunding page to get attention and help before the project start.