MAUA - Museum of Augmented Urban Art

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City Milano, Italy

Palermo, Milan and Turin – Museum of Augmented Urban Art is an open air museum, free and customizable. Everybody can be part of its creation, both as an author and as a tourist. MAUA is divided in different steps, including also free workshops, that allow participants to be part of the creative and authorial process. Workshops are put on with the help of neighbourhood associations, engaging citizens, students and digital artists to transform urban spaces into a virtual museums through augmented reality. The city becomes a canvas that grows rich with images, animations, sounds, videos, enjoyable with the Bepart application for smartphone and tablet.

MAUA was born inside a project for the social innovation through creative solution, named Tandem Europe. A partnership was born between Bepart and InPlace to involve communities in being actors of urban regeneration. Often the suburbs live in situations of hardship and abandonment by the institutions and the residents themselves. Involving them and making them an active part of the recovery process is one of the aims of the project. Active participation allows them to see their neighborhood with different eyes, to understand its potential and its touristic value. This lead to an advanced experiment in city-wide curation which led to the acquisition, in each project for Milan and Turin, of 50 pieces to create a huge imaginary open-air museum which provides the opportunity not only to discover a range of surprising murals, but to explore lesser known parts of the city. At the same time, MAUA’s purpose is to establish a new model for a city-wide, interactive museum, paving the way for many more technological museums in the future to create new kinds of visitor experiences, making them accessible to a wide range of people and open to the local area.


Find forgot, abandoned or just unvalued artworks in the outskirts of a city, transform them into a project of urban regeneration through AR involving neighbourhood associations and citizens.

People Power WORKSHOP

Make workshops for different goals through open calls. Two kinds of workshop: 1. Photography (13-18 y.o), to map and catalog artworks, alongside students and professors; 2. AR (18-35 y.o.), to create AR content with different tools (video editing, Photoshop, 3D). 50 street art pieces are transformed into 50 pieces of digital art.


Explore MAUA walking through the city, by yourself or with guided tours, to find AR pieces. Visit MAUA is simple: consult the full map, available at, on the Bepart app or in the printed MAUA catalogue. Select one or more works, build your route using Bepart app and start the tour. Once you arrive at the site, open the Bepart app and hold your phone up to view the piece and see it come to life as a work of digital art. Share the experience on social media with the hashtags #maua #museoarteurbanaaumentata #realtaaumentata


In contemporary with openinig events are realized exposition of the augmented operas and tours on the road. Those who may not have the chance to get out there in person can check out the animations in augmented reality by viewing the printed MAUA catalogue, posters and postcards.

Augmented Reality will be as big as the towns.

"Light Path" is project of Bepart and MJESTIMICE