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City Maribor, Slovenia

wherever necessary and possibile – The idea is to invite people (experts, citizens,..) for a meeting at the location that is known as a problematic one (e.g. unfinished building project, degraded public space, land specualation,..). What you need to do is to bring a simple table and few chairs and to cook coffee. By doing this you connect with the people and the space more intensly, so you might better understand the related problems & solutions.

'Mi.ZA' cooks coffee was first organised by a small interest society of architetcs in Maribor (abbreviated as Mi.ZA / but 'miza' also means TABLE in slovene language, so the title of the tool sounds like TABLE COOKS COFFEE, the third meaning refers to We.FOR ). As there were many unfinished projects and degraded areas in Maribor, and there was a need to publicly expose them, a small group of people decided to organaize unusal meetings at the locations itself. One of the first locations selected was a huge unfinished building project in the centre of Maribor, where the foundations were the only thing that was built. In order to bring attention to it, a meeting was organised around a small table. The media was also invited (it is up to you, if you want to invite media or just send them some statements after it). There was serious discussion held but also a lot of fun at the same time !

Location Find a problematic location!

There are plenty of sites in your neighborhood or in your city that need more attention and critical discussion. Select those that are interesting as neglected spaces, where there are politically manipulated projects, spatially problematic solutions, socially not acceptable interventions...

Communication Invite !

Write an e-mail, post an invitation on Facebook or use a communication channel that you prefer. Bottom line, there should be around 10 people present at the meeting, not more, so the discussion atmosphere can be more intimate and that there is no need for moderation.

Things you need Table, chairs, coffee !!!

You need only three simple things: a portable table, few portable chairs and coffee. It can be cooked before or on the location, depends on the style :). Don't make it more complicated. And it doesn't cost almost anything.

Misc Document the event!

It is good that you make some photos or a video during the event, since you want to publish it afterwards as a statement. You can also prepare a written statement for the media or even invite a journalist to make an interview after the meeting. It is a way to make problems visible and to open a wider debate.

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