Passeio Urbano

Format Tours

City São Paulo, Brazil

A Cidade Precisa de Você – Passeio Urbano is an urban walking format in São Paulo geared at people based outside of the city, to connect them to particular place-making initiatives. It revolves around themes such as the activation of public space, community co-creation, and tactical urbanism. The walk creates opportunities to discuss and reflect on the differences and similarities with non-São Paulo-based initiatives and formats in an informal atmosphere. Passeio Urbano is free of charge and usually gathers around twenty people who exchange their knowledge and experiences throughout the walk.

The organizing association, A Cidade Precisa de Você, has often been approached by visitors of São Paulo who would like to learn more about place-making activities in the city. These informal, occasional encounters grew out to become thematic walking tours, connecting visitors with interesting local initiatives. The format of an urban walk allows the organization to share its activities with its participants and learn from their experiences. By exploring the city together with its visitors, public spaces are activated through physical presence and debate.

People Power Get explorers on board

Most importantly, to make a Passeio Urbano happen, you need visitors who are eager to explore your city. Make sure to have guides who know the city well, and have a good network of contacts in active place-making projects to connect the participants to.

Location WHERE TO GO?

Passeio Urbano is geared at the specific interests of its participants. The goal is to connect your visitors to the local initiatives that match the particular urban issues that they are working on. Once you have found a date and time to visit the matching organizations, you can set the path for the urban walk. Passeio Urbano might make use of public transport to reach some places but they are usually not more than 1,5 hours away from the starting point.

Communication Extend your network

Once the date, time and path are settled on with the place-making initiative that will host the urban walk, it is time to spread the word. Remember to communicate the Passeio online and offline, with flyers and posters as well as on websites and social media. Have fun!