Urban Cinema

Format Screening

City Brussels, Belgium

Place de deux bancs – Urban Cinema proposes a series of open-air screenings, video ateliers and parallel cultural activities open to all and involving the neighbourhood. Through the mean of cinema, and by making a collective use of the public space, it aimed to transform a little square into a space for co-creation, sharing and living together.

A little square was recently rebuilt in a neighbourhood in Saint Gilles (Brussels). Despite being equipped with some benches and being used quite regularly by teenagers to play football, it was primarely used individually by different groups, and most frequently in a conflictual way. We observed the development of the dynamics in the square from the windows of La Vieille Chechette, a bar-cooperative just in front of it where we had started to go regularly in 2017. The bar plays a key role in the neighbour as a space for real encounters, exchanges and to build social cohesion. We then thought that both the position of the square, which is at a cross between several streets that seem to reflect the different worlds that cohesist in the neighbour - and the centrality of the bar (later our main partner in the project), were the best spot to build a participatory project. A project for all, to make collective and creative use of a public space for the common good.

Location A public space

Finding a public space that can be used in a collective way. A space that has a potential that is unexploited and that can be used to create something new collectively.

Things you need People of all generation should be involved

Involving the people is the most important thing. Presenting your ideas and vision but most importantly, listening to what are the visions of the others and how these can meet into one idea. These type of initiatives require listening differently to different groups of people: e.g. children will have different views and wishes compared to the elderly. Cinema has an incredible power in bringing us all together, from different cultures and ages, different languages, lives, faiths, it can create an ideal space for sharing. Similarly, filmaking (in all its forms) can be the ideal tool for co-creation in such a context.