Format Games

City Maribor, Slovenia

city center – Connecting small, unknown stories, charachteristics, historical persons of the city in a treasure hunt, walkthrough, where you describe the hints in order to get from one location to the other, put the hints into a selfmade box and give the biggest treasure: the hidden knowledge of the city. A perfect way for you, visitor or inhabitant, to discover the cities hidden stories and spaces in your own pace, in a playful way together your friends. And to make it even more fun: you can divide in groups and try who is the quickest.

Maribor City Center has lots of unknown stories, spaces and people to offer, that are not known to inhabitants and even less to the visitors, tourist, who are more and more present in the city. There is a constant lack of people, who would have time to lead people through their own town and its hidden stories. On the other side lots of people want to walk through the city on their own and at their own pace, which our box enables. And in our very virtual everyday world we want to offer a non-virutal geocaching, who lets the user stay(verweilen?) in the real world.

Things you need Decide on the theme of the treasure hunt

It can be about the specific time in history, about art in public space, about the civic engagements etc.

Things you need Search for spaces, stories, details!

Gather interesting stories, spaces and architectural details of the city or the part of the city you want to be-play. Ask people of the community, go to the library, to the museum and archives. Read the newspapers or fb pages.

Things you need Make the game scenario in the space!

Go into the space! And use games and hands-on work! Map the specific stories, details, spaces in the map of the city and try to make a walkthrough or more walkthroughs. Connect them with games and things the participants have to do (print somethnig, count some stuff, ask some one etc). Do not forget: its FUN while making it and FUN at doing it :)

Production Write, design and print!

Write the hints and text to the stories. Design an attractive box and print it.

Communication Say it forward!

Tell it to the hotels, tourist buros, offer it to the festivals or conferences in the town. It can be used as teambuilding or relaxation after a long conference. Do not forget to tell the schools about it!

Misc Repeat / Copy / Adjust!

Adapt the stories /scenarios to the situation, themes, uses that you need to provide treasure hunt for.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=voLrostlO08

Rajzefiber / Vivid City Cooperative z.o.o.