Format Games

City Maribor, Slovenia

Maribor city center – The urban treasure hunt uncovers small, unknown stories, characteristics and historical figures of the city. By following up a set of hints, participants find their way from one location to the next. The simple format, a box with game instructions, allows visitors and inhabitants to discover the city’s hidden stories and spaces on their own pace and in a playful way. Groups could even compete against each other and see who is fastest. The treasure? The hidden knowledge of the city!

The city center of Maribor has a lot of unknown stories, spaces and people to offer, which are not commonly known among inhabitants and even less so to tourists, who are more and more present in the city. However, there are not enough people who have the time to guide the increasing amount of visitors through their own town to share those hidden gems. The urban treasure hunt box enables people to discover the city on their own and at their own pace. Rather than a smartphone application, which is ever-present in our virtual everyday lives, it uses non-virtual geocaching as its medium, allowing the user to linger in the real, material world.

Mobilization Search for spaces, stories, details

First decide on the theme of your treasure hunt. It can be about a specific time in history, about art in public space, about civic engagement, and so on. Gather interesting stories, spaces and architectural details of the city or the part of the city that you would like to set the treasure hunt in. Talk to people of the community and go to libraries, museums and archives to gather background information. Read newspapers or visit related Facebook pages to update yourself on current issues.


Map and connect the specific stories, details and spaces that you have collected to their location in the city. Design one or several potential walk-throughs between the locations. Then connect them with different types of games and tasks for the participants to fulfill (print something, count the amount of …, ask questions to passers-by, etc.)

Production Write, design and print

Write out the hints and texts to each story and location. Design an attractive box to put the hints in and print it.

Communication Say it forward

Offer the treasure hunt box to hotels, tourist offices and festivals to reach tourists. Offer it to companies and conferences as a team-building activity. Offer it to schools as an educational tool.

Misc Repeat, copy and adjust

Adapt the stories, scenarios and tasks to the specific situations, themes, uses and audiences that you need to provide the treasure hunt for.

Rajzefiber / Vivid City Cooperative z.o.o.