Urban Walk – Passeio Urbano

Format Tours

City São Paulo, Brazil

in the public space – 'Passeio Urbano' is a walk inviting someone who works with related themes (public space activation, community cocreation, tactical urbanism, etc) who is based outside of Sao Paulo to connect them to particular placemaking initiatives in Sao Paulo. The walk is also the opportunity to discuss and reflect on what is being done differently (or similarly) in their city/country in a very informal atmosphere. The 'Passeio Urbano' is free and gather usually around 20 people who can exchange knowledge during all the path.

Our association – A Cidade Precisa de Você – use to be contacted by many interesting people that are visiting São Paulo to know more about our activities and the city. We decided to turn open this opportunity and share these amazing conversations we have with our visitors into thematic walking tours. This way we connect our visitors with interesting local initiatives, we talk about our activities, we learn about the visitor's activities and we explore the city together with other people that join us in this adventure, activating public spaces with our bodies and debate. All at the same time!


Making a 'Passeio Urbano' is simple. The basic thing you need is a visitor coming an willing to explore your city. Also, you have to know your city quite well and have a good network of contacts in active placemaking projects.

Location WHERE TO GO

Since you know which urban issues is your visitor linked to, now you have to think which is the best local initiative to connect him. Now is time to talk to the chosen initiative to set when the Passeio Urbano can happen and which will be the path. We usually make Passeios Urbanos walking and using public transport to places that are not more than 1h30 away from our starting point.

Communication GET MORE PEOPLE

Once you already contacted the pacemaking initiative that will be hosting the Passeio Urbano and you already know the date, time and path, is time to spread the word. Remember to communicate the 'Passeio' online and offline, posters, social media, etc. Have fun!

Instituto A Cidade Precisa de Você