CTB Lab 04 Kassel

In a collaboration with Dynamo Windrad, Streetbolzer e.V., and the ruruHaus, the Fussballaballa tool was implemented in and adapted to a new setting as part of the documenta fifteen – the largest German contemporary art exhibition held every five years - in Kassel, Germany. The fourth iteration of the CTB Lab brought together different local communities through critical public viewing of the EURO 2020 which was embedded in a discursive program reflecting on a multitude of issues surrounding the sport. | ›

How it works

CTB-Lab is a site-specific format that implements CTB-Tools in a new context with the help of local partners. The aim of the CTB-Lab is to test transferability of existing tools but also to co-produce an entirely new one, taking into account specificities of the local context and improving its socio-economical and spatial situation. | ›

Rijeka 2020 - European Capital of Culture (ECoC)

CTB Lab 03 Rijeka

Third iteration of CTB-Lab (Octobre 2019 - Octobre 2020) driven by the question: How to use hallmark-events (such as prestige ECoC title) to address the urban challenges systematically left behind or dimmed by entertainment spectacles, cosmetic infrastructural improvements and urban marketing? | ›

3. - 7. October 2018

CTB Lab 02 Athens

In the framework of MitOst Festival (Athens, Greece, 03-07th of October 2018), CTB members developed strategies for the further programing of the former municipal market in the historical and multicultural district of Kypseli. | ›

8. - 15. May 2018

CTB Lab 01 Aveiro

CTB-Network multiplier event in Aveiro, Portugal (08-15th of May 2018), gathering members of the CTB Network, proactive neighbors, university students and actors from the local cultural sector. | ›

CTB Lab 01 Aveiro

Pimp the Void

Developing a small public space in the residential area of Aveiro in collaboration with the architecture and art collective Colectivo Warehouse. | ›

CTB Lab 01 Aveiro

Mobility workshop

Lectures and workshop on opportunities for cycling in Aveiro (Portugal) organised in collaboration with the Department of Social Political and Territorial Sciences (DCSPT) of the University of Aveiro. | ›

CTB Lab 01 Aveiro

Urban Furniture Workshop

Critical Concrete (Porto, PT) and CTB Network in collaborative design and construction of urban furniture for the GrETUA Theatre. | ›