Habitabis Festival

Format Conference Festival Workshops

City Lisbon, Portugal

Social neighbourhood, Slums, City outskirts, Rehousing, Communities – Habitabis Festival is a collaborative tool based on the festival format, which addresses the themes of Rehousing and Social Housing, promoting conferences, workshops and debates among institutions, technicians and communities aiming to produce more inclusive processes. Habitabis is a tool with a mixed methodology that allows maximum sharing, collaboration and creation of new dynamics during the days of the festival, contributing to the co-designing of new paths. The format is based on direct sharing, horizontal collaboration and co-designing of diagnostics and solutions. The aim of this tool is to extract the wealth of the individual experience and the pluralistic contribution of the group without running the risk of seeking a universal response. It is not the objective of Habitabis to extract from its events a "magic formula" for the processes of Rehousing and Social Housing. Instead it seeks to create conditions for different agents to collaborate, dialogue and participate in the construction of multiple answers.

As Colectivo Warehouse, we have been working regularly in public housing neighborhoods - the so-called social housing neighborhoods - and in informal, self-built neighborhoods with serious social and housing shortages. Direct contact with these populations has forced us to reflect a lot on the programs and tools we currently have to overcome their social and urban barriers and their rights as citizens. Still in this context, we were faced with the problem of how to co-design a rehousing process that does not repeat the flaws of other plans and eras, and does not replace an old error with a new error. We have come into contact with value initiatives and projects with common realities, often incapable to create visibility and consequently the ability to share their results, above all with agents other than their peers. As a provocation, we refer to the conferences and exhibitions by architects for architects. Or the closed-door discussions of housing programs. Or even the creation of good political tools that never come to the knowledge of the one who needs them. We then perceive the pertinence of these experiences and initiatives, to inform and empower communities in the neighbourhoods, and thus, not only empower access to information but, above all, the capacity for them to contribute to the construction of their own future. It has grown in us, Colectivo Warehouse, the will to create something that contributed to break this information gap and this access limitation to it. This is how Habitabis Festival concept was born and the idea of ​​sharing experiences, projects, visions and tools in the same place among decision-making institutions, technicians and associations working in the field and the communities that live in these contexts.

Location You need a territory to work with

Choose a city, that have either Social Housing, Slums, Informal Housing, or Housing problems

Mobilization Contact Citizens, Professionals, Local Governance, NGOs, etc

After you define your region/area of interest, start to identify who are the stakeholders in these 3 groups: institutions(govern and local), technicians (investigators, architects, anthropologists and sociologists) and communities (inhabitants of Social Housing, Slums, Informal Housing) Identify the more you can't at start to talk with them. This way you gain their trust but also you start to identify topics and issues that will help you to suggest the festival main topics to to approach.

Things you need Find a place and a team

Find a place to host the festival. Should be a neutral space for all the participants. Make your team, and takes special care to have experienced and motivated energizers. They will be key to success.

Funding Financial Support

You will need a financial support, to help on the logistic costs, pay your team's work, make some communication and documentation. You might need this support for the place to host the festival, if you couldn't do a partnership.

Communication Communicate well and in the right places

Communicate within the 3 target-groups. Communicate as well on the public media, it will bring awareness and participants to your festival, but also will help you to get financial support and partners.

Communication Share your results

Colectivo Warehouse is an architecture and art collective, formed in 2013. Due to the current socio-economic and political global context, Warehouse develops participatory architecture projects, emphasizing the role of the architect as mediator. We generate initiatives to activate the urban space and promote social interventions among the most neglected communities. In the cultural field, the differentiating factor of the collective is the ability to design and build their own projects. The “Hands-on approach” is transversal to the collective practice, being a great part of its identity. The experimentation contaminates the practice trying to avoid ordinary solutions. The group develops many collaborative projects because we believe that through co-creation and multidisciplinarity, it is likely to achieve better results.

Colectivo Warehouse