COM Abrigo

Format Action

City Lisbon, Portugal

City Center – In a city where gentrification and the "real-estate war" is taking most of the urban decisions Oficina do GatoMorto has created an object which could be used by people and raises thoughts about the rights over public space and housing. A movable shelter created during a building workshop in the public space become an alternative of living for people that can’t inhabit the city center anymore. A tool which has brought together different city users with a common problem. Immigrants, homeless, tourists and locals meet under the shelter to speak about housing issues.

Praça São Paulo is a square located in the center of Lisbon and crossed by tourists, homeless people, locals traders and young people during night time. Hostels, restaurants, cafés and ice-cream shops are casting-out the locals from their houses. The mobility of people crossing this space just for few seconds is overlapped with the immobility of others. During "Festival Silêncio" (2017), Oficina do GatoMorto answered the call of "Biblioteca Itinerante" to leave in Praça São Paulo a little part of a library, eventually a bookshelf and a bench. But a bench in the square is often used as a bed, so why don't we construct directly a bed? But a bed would be even better with a roof. Through a process of co-creation, construction and thoughts exchange, GatoMorto has offered to the public the possibility of turning a pre-built wooden structure into a house, an alternative living. No exception to the rule the shelter ended on Airnbnb.

Things you need Pre-Built Structure

Floor and roof should be placed in the public space.

People Power Open discussion

Gather locals to discuss about what is missing to be a house.

Production Building Together

Invite people to bring tools and different materials to collaborate furnishing the shelter and transforming it in a house.


Invite people to use the shelter.

Mobilization Airbnb

List the shelter on Airbnb and use the money to build another one.

Official / Legal Licenses

To get permission to build the shelter in the public space can be difficult. We suggest to include the construction in an event such as a festival with the agreement of the organization. Otherwise we recommend to find an empty and abandoned lot and make the action happen there.

Oficina do GatoMorto